Welcome to the Traditional Medicine Society!

Founded in 2008, TMS is an ASA-recognized group at MIT devoted to exploring traditional medicine, with the following mission to accomplish: We hope to eventually be influenced by the traditional practices of many cultures, and we plan to investigate techniques such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy, and many more integrative medical treatments and healing modalities.

Please note that TMS is not limited to traditional oriental medicine, but seeks to explore traditional medicines from all cultures. As a learning-oriented organization, TMS maintains an open and unbiased perspective towards different types of medical practice. We welcome all who are interested in learning more about traditional medicines to join our discussions, regardless of skeptical or supportive attitudes.

What is Traditional Medicine?

It’s more than just medicine and biology. In TMS, we consider traditional medicine an interdisciplinary topic involving physics, engineering, anthropology, and politics. We believe the investigation of traditional medicine requires collaboration from diverse expertise for refreshing perspectives. We hope you are interested in learning more about traditional medicine as well, and hope you can join us to explore together.